Wedding limo service


Wedding limo service

These are some following tips of Wedding limo service to consider .

Cruising around in style before and after your wedding can be a fun thing to do. It is sort of a perk to give members of the wedding party, not to mention, it gives you reliable transportation to the wedding and to the reception. The question becomes, which limo service should you choose? Read on to learn how to rent a limo for your wedding.


1 Put a budget together this will give you some idea on how much you can allocate for your wedding limo service . Limo prices for weddings care vary depending on many factors but we are confident we can find something for everyone’s budget without greatly sacrificing quality. Wedding limos are usually paid out on an hourly rate but with we can do transfer , hourly and hybrid limo rates.
2 know how many people your going to me transporting and remember the dress ! Limo companies have different sizes of vehicles and the vehicle dictates cost.
3 Determine an itinerary for when and where the limo or bus will be used . Limos or buses can wait during ceremony and simply take the bride & groom to the reception, or they can be held for the entire wedding on strand by

4 Put those details together and let us do the search for limousine services that meet your requirements. Generally speaking a Date , Time , Pickup Location , Destination , Return time , passenger # contact name and number are required to get accurate quotes .
5 Make sure to inspect the vehicle and the companies reputations after we narrow it down for you . Look at the Web sites of every company , ask us for our opinion and check the companies reviews .
6 Have us set up a viewing with 2 or 3 of the limo companies you feel best about . Inspect their vehicles, always check the air conditioning for cold air and if possible make sure that the capacity will be conferrable for that dress !Limos are a convenience and set a mood that goes nicely with a wedding . Make sure your getting the best limo rates but also don’t always take the very cheapest offer .
7 Be sure to confirm and reconfirm everything with the limo company . In general limo companies are good at following directions by nature but this is a big day and nothing can be left to chance . Make sure to get a contract , in writing and always have a back up plan . Heaven forbid but traffic , flat tires , mechanic , and other acts of god happen and make sure the company your using has additional vehicles in case of any mishaps . We wouldn’t want to leave the bride waiting ! Be flexible with time and numbers. Things can happen and time frames may change for other aspects of your ceremony .

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