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san diego dui checkpoints

san diego dui checkpoints

Here are a list of a few of thesan diego dui checkpoints just since the beginning of the fall semester .
As we all know DUI’s are expensive , time consuming , job destroying , life altering events . If you don’t know this by now just ask one of the 214,828 arrested in California 2008 and that number has gone up ! A Limousine , Party bus , Taxi , SUV , Shuttle or transportation rental would have cost all those people far less and believe me looking back they would have gladly paid the affordable prices we offer to avoid the night mare .
San Diego county is a very spread out city which makes it hard to get decent public transportation . This is why our Limo Service is so convenient and we make it affordable too some vehicles can be booked at low as $9 a person ! who is going to argue with that !
Avoid San Diego parking fees , gas prices , finding a DD , DUI’s , speeding tickets and traffic hassles .
Our San Diego Sober rides are by far the best option when your headed out to have a good time ! will soon be adding a widget that lets people know where the DUI check points are and offers discounted limo services to help San Diego get to where they want to go safely !

san diego dui checkpoints

City Location Time Carlsbad El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Rd Fri Sept 28, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Ingraham St Sat Sept 22, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
Escondido Valley Pkwy and N Juniper St Sat Sept 22, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego College Ave and Montezuma Rd Sdsu – Fri Sept 21, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Garnet Ave Fri Sept 14, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Montezuma Rd And 55th St Fri Sep 14, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
Chula Vista 4th Ave and C St Sat Sept 8, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego City Limits 9pm-4am Sat 8, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
Chula Vista Olympic Pkwy and Eastlake Pkwy Fri Sept 7, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego El Cajon Blvd and Interstate 805 Fri Sept 7, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Mission Bay Dr and Ingraham St Fri Sept 7, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
Escondido Lincoln Ave and Fig St 6pm-3am Fri Sep 7, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Grand Ave and Noyes St Mon Sept 3, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
San Diego Campanile Dr and Montezuma Rd Mon Sept 3, 2012 San Diego DUI Checkpoints
Santee Mast Blvd and Rt 52 Sun Sept 2, 2012
Chula Vista Eastlake Pkwy Sun Sep 2, 2012
Rancho San Diego Jamacha Rd and Willow Glen Dr Sat Sept 1, 2012
Bonita Bonita Rd and Willow St Sat Sept 1, 2012
Imperial Beach City Limits 6pm-2am Sat Sep 1, 2012
National City National City Blvd and 26th St Fri Aug 31, 2012


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San Diego Limo Services The revolution in San Diego limo service

San Diego Limo Services The revolution in San Diego limo service

San Diego Limo Services The revolution in San Diego limo service

San Diego Limo Services are the name of the game at



“The revolution in San Diego limo service” – San Diego, San Diego limo service and San Diego Limo Services
Find out why is called”The revolution in San Diego limo service”

For over 30 years, San Diego have trusted car and limousine service to provide unbeatable, around-the-clock transportation.

Serving the entire San Diego area, specializes in service to and from and to many of the hot spots Gaslamp , north county , Temecula , Pacific beach , Del Mar , Carlsbad , San Marcos , SDSU , UCSD , and more . Whether your in a hurry to get to the airport, taking out a family member from out of town, transporting a special client to a meeting or any of the other transportation needs , can accommodate all of your limo , party bus , sedan , shuttle or taxi service needs in San Diego. Whether you need Limo Service to Los Angeles Oceanside ,Long Beach , Las Vegas or anywhere else – can get you there safely , affordably and comfortably.

San Diego Limo Services

When you book a limo service rental with, you are provided access to over 30 companies who compete for your business . Leaving our clients with the best rates in town for limo services . new Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes Benz and Cadillac luxury sedans, shuttles , vans , suvs, taxis as well as the most luxurious selection of stretch limousines and party buses . The fleet also includes fleet of 30 companies combined so you know we have what your looking for . With the most advanced technology and the largest fleet in the San Diego limo service industry, upholds its reputation as the best Limo Service in San Diego by bringing you comfortably and stylishly to virtually any destination on the map.

Our rates are always affordable and we will meet or beat any other quotes. With over 30 companies to choose from you can be assured at least one of them will do what it takes . The drivers are always courteous and professional if they are not we won’t use that company so we want to know about it ! At, our San Diego Limo Services are delivered with customer satisfaction in mind.

San Diego Limo Services

Call us at (619)204.3745 for San Diego limousine and Limo Service

San Diego Limo Services



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San Diego Discount Limo Service Transportation

San Diego Discount Limo Service Transportation

At we are dedicated to bringing you easy , quick and affordable ways to find the 100s of vehicles that are available to you .
This is why When we say San Diego Discount Limo Service we don’t just include the vehicles in that .

We also provide discounts are the destinations that many of our clients head to in

San Diego Discount Limo Service Destinations

Our San Diego Discount Limo Service destinations are listed but certainly not limited to the following. We provide our San Diego Discount Limo Service Destinations to just about anywhere in California , Nevada and Arizona and many more locations to come we are expanding out San Diego Discount Service Destinations and we will be marketing nationwide soon !

  • San Diego
  • Temeucla
  • Pacific Beach
  • Gaslamp
  • Coronado
  • Del Mar
  • Chula Vista
  • La Mesa
  • Mission beach
  • Oceanside
  • Carlsbad
  • San Marcos
  • Poway
  • Rancho Bernardo
  • North County
  • and more .

San Diego Discount Limo Service Industries

Through the volume of business send not only to the San Diego Discount Limo Service but also to many of the San Diego Discount Limo Service industries we service .The following list of San Diego Discount Limo Service industries is short compared to the variety of different San Diego Discount Limo Service industries we service . Make sure to ask when you speak with us about many of our Discounted , wine tastings , free club entry , discount event tickets , brewery tours and more . We work with over 100 business in San Diego and chances are we will have exactly what you looking for when it comes to coupons , groupons , discounts , 2 for 1s , even free . At averylimobroker we try to provide our clients with far for than just a limo service rental . We want to go the extra mile to earn your business and get you the best experience at the best price .


  • Clubs
  • Photography – Video
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bridal Shops
  • Tux – Dress Rentals
  • Spas
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Comedy stores
  • Bars
  • and many other venues

we receive many discounts that we pass on to our customers .


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San Diego Limo Service Questions

San Diego Limo Service Questions

San Diego Limo Service Questions our clients frequently ask and we love it when they do ! The more questions we can answer in general the easier everything is from there on out . Feel free to call-text-email to get those questions answered we will even have live chat in the not to distant future. We are available 24/7 for questions feel free to contact us at anytime ! Contact us at
Use our quick quote feature
Call or Text us 619.204.3745
to reserve your San Diego limo service date or just ask simple questions.

Here is a short list of San Diego Limo Service Questions

What types of limousines do you have available?


There are many other times of limos not listed here .

Limo Capacity


  • 4 person sedans ( Mercedes , Lincoln , more)
  • 6 person limo
  • 8 person limo
  • 10 person limo
  • 12 person limo
  • 14 person limo
  • 14 person limo bus
  • 14 person charter bus
  • 15 person sprinter van
  • 16 person limo
  • 16 person Party bus
  • 18 person limo
  • 20 person limo
  • 20 person Party bus
  • 22 person limo
  • 25 person Party bus
  • 25 person charter bus
  • 25 person limo
  • 28 person Party bus
  • 30 person Party bus
  • 35 person Party bus
  • 35 person charter bus
  • 40 person Party bus
  • 40 person charter bus
  • 45 person Party bus
  • 50 person Party bus
  • 50 person double decker party bus
  • 57 person Charter bus

What color are the limousines?

All of our limousines come in many colors , silver , black , white , gray , pink , yellow , multicolored ( more available)

What are your hours of operation?

Our San Diego limo Service is available 24/7

Is there a minimum rental?

No, we are one of the only companies that does not have an limo service minimum . This means you can book a limo for 1 hour or 100 hours . In addition we also offer transfer prices and hybrid pricing ( hourly transfer mix) .

How far in advance are reservations required?

The earlier the better however we take last minute bookings please allow up to 30 minutes as sometimes it takes a while to find a driver .

Do you provide multiple pick up and drop offs?

Yes, our San Diego limo service provides this service with with hourly , transfers or hybrid rates.

Can the vehicles be seen before we reserve?

Yes we always recommend viewing your limousine , party buses , etc .
It’s not always necessary but for those people who would like to it is happily provided .
Also for weddings and special events we highly recommend it .

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

It all depends on what the occasion is and how long you need the service for. San Diego Limo Prices are determined by

  • date
  • pickup time
  • pickup location (s)
  • destination(s)
  • return time
  • number of passengers

How do I pay for the limousine?

We gladly accept Credit , debit , paypal , checks ( sometimes) , and cash .

What is included in the price?

Fuel and chauffeur are supplied in the cost of the limousine. ( other add on can be ordered)

How do I reserve a limousine?

You can reserve a limousine simply by calling -text 619.204.3745 or by e-mailing a request to , using our quick quote feature , Once we have all of the information for your requested , a contract will be sent to you . A credit card deposit is generally required . Deposits are required to hold your date for cash sales.

Can you drink in the limousine?

Passengers of legal drinking age can drink in the limousine. Bring whatever you like to drink.

Can you smoke in the limousine?

Most San Diego limo rental are smoke free however some are not and drivers have been none to be negotiable on this .

Do chauffeurs require a special license?

Yes, depending on the San Diego Limo Service you required the vehicle dictates the special licenses needed for the drivers .

What is the cancellation policy?

Every San Diego Limo Company has a different policy . Most required a deposit and when a cancellation comes to close to the booking date they keep the deposit . This is because they have held that vehicle for you and denied other customers . Most are reasonable. Make sure to ask your broker when giving a deposit what the stipulation for the specific company you are reserving with is.


San Diego Limo Service Questions



Limo Rental Services Cost

Limo Rental Services Cost

the sotry on Limo Rental Services Cost. The average limousine rental services costs can vary based on a variety of factors in San Diego . The Limo rental service industry is much like the airline industry . Limo rental services companies charge based upon the following factors in the San Diego Market .
Time of year (spring, summer, etc. for most limo services)
Special dates ( xmas , NYE , 4th of july etc for most limo services)

  • Day of the week (weekends cost more, weekdays less for most limo services) Size of the vehicle (larger vehicles cost more for most limo services)


  • Vehicle Model ( some vehicles are considered exotic or higher values IE ferrari limo)


  • Additional perks ( glass wear , snacks , beverages , ice , cups , decorations etc for most limo rental services )


  • Supply / Demand ( how many limos or buses have been booked already for that date for most limo services)


  • Destination Venue related ( some venues pay referral compensation for clients hence subsiding the price of the vehicle for some limo services)


  • Number of passengers ( more passengers generally allows the company to charge more for most limo services )


  • Pickup Location (s) ( multiple pickup locations can cost more for most limo services )


  • Destinations (s)( more destinations can cost more for most limo services)


  • Travel distance (Longer travel times may be more expensive for most limo services)


  • Duration ( length of time can cost more for hourly limo service )


  • Occasion ( wedding vs airport service for most limo services) Limo Rental Services Cost.


  • Hourly / Transfer / Hybrid rates .
  • Most companies charge hourly but with our limo service we provide limo service transfers and hybrid rates(Part hourly party transfer) .
    Hourly dictates that the client has the limo on call for the entire duration of the scheduled service , transfers are relatable to a scheduled taxi cab with a pickup drop off and then a return pick up and drop off no hourly charge is needed just per pickup and drop off . Finally Hybrids which are not as commonly excepted by limo companies but does work out this rate for many clients monthly . The example would be using the limo for 3 hours in the early afternoon and then having a return scheduled 2-5 hours later on a transfer rate .
    Good for weddings , brewery tours, proms etc

Limo Rental Service Rates Averages

(based on a 3 hour rental)
These are a list of Limo Rental Service Rates Averages. They are not what can be expected as mentioned before provides discount limo service rates and this is just to give our clients some idea as to what you can expect at full market prices .

  • Luxury sedan (1-4 passengers) $45-$65/ hr + gratuity Stretch limousine (1-8 passengers) $65-$125/ hr + gratuity Stretch SUV (1-14 passengers – Excursions, Hummers, etc.) $100-$300/ hr + gratuity


  • Mini buses / Limo Coaches / PartyBuses (22 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity


  • Limo buses / Limo Coaches / Party Buses (25-30 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity
  • Limo Buses/ Party Buses (30-50 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity
  • With not tip or tax is unless specified and these rates would be on the high end of the spectrum . Limo Rental Services Cost.



Wedding limo service

Wedding limo service

These are some following tips of Wedding limo service to consider .

Cruising around in style before and after your wedding can be a fun thing to do. It is sort of a perk to give members of the wedding party, not to mention, it gives you reliable transportation to the wedding and to the reception. The question becomes, which limo service should you choose? Read on to learn how to rent a limo for your wedding.


1 Put a budget together this will give you some idea on how much you can allocate for your wedding limo service . Limo prices for weddings care vary depending on many factors but we are confident we can find something for everyone’s budget without greatly sacrificing quality. Wedding limos are usually paid out on an hourly rate but with we can do transfer , hourly and hybrid limo rates.
2 know how many people your going to me transporting and remember the dress ! Limo companies have different sizes of vehicles and the vehicle dictates cost.
3 Determine an itinerary for when and where the limo or bus will be used . Limos or buses can wait during ceremony and simply take the bride & groom to the reception, or they can be held for the entire wedding on strand by

4 Put those details together and let us do the search for limousine services that meet your requirements. Generally speaking a Date , Time , Pickup Location , Destination , Return time , passenger # contact name and number are required to get accurate quotes .
5 Make sure to inspect the vehicle and the companies reputations after we narrow it down for you . Look at the Web sites of every company , ask us for our opinion and check the companies reviews .
6 Have us set up a viewing with 2 or 3 of the limo companies you feel best about . Inspect their vehicles, always check the air conditioning for cold air and if possible make sure that the capacity will be conferrable for that dress !Limos are a convenience and set a mood that goes nicely with a wedding . Make sure your getting the best limo rates but also don’t always take the very cheapest offer .
7 Be sure to confirm and reconfirm everything with the limo company . In general limo companies are good at following directions by nature but this is a big day and nothing can be left to chance . Make sure to get a contract , in writing and always have a back up plan . Heaven forbid but traffic , flat tires , mechanic , and other acts of god happen and make sure the company your using has additional vehicles in case of any mishaps . We wouldn’t want to leave the bride waiting ! Be flexible with time and numbers. Things can happen and time frames may change for other aspects of your ceremony .


San Diego Limo Service Mistakes

San Diego Limo Service Mistakes

limo service clients take note this is not just for businesses . this is directed at clients and business San Diego Limo Service Mistakes
Everyone make mistakes in everyday life and in business. San Diego Limo Service Mistakes are ones that we follow closely. Over the years it’s hard not to but learning from these mistakes is key .AveryLimoBroker makes a living out of avoiding San Diego Limo Service Mistakes and we decided to write an article on Limo Service Mistakes that we see commonly in the San Diego transportation industry .Aside from doing the what should be considered standard but sometimes is taken for granted being on time , courteous service , going the extra mile , having the itinerary handled , getting back to people with quotes in a timely manner , following up and following through , and all the other staples of good luxury service .
Hopefully this will bring some insight to our limo clients and limo companies to better improve the limo service for all . Here are some of the top mistakes we see that limo companies make in San Diego . Limo Service clients have options and they know that it . That is something the limo companies in San Diego need to consider .

Limo Service clients

Most limo companies are busily searching for new limo service clients . Some because they don’t have many to begin with , other because they want to increase their market share and some because frankly they do bad business . In this down economy it helps to improve on what you have and of course increasing your limo service clientele doesn’t hurt . However establishing a trusting good working relationship with you limousine clients in just as , if not more important than finding new ones. After all it goes without say you new limo or party bus clients will soon be your current limo service clients . It would be a good practice to have a good limo service customer relations protocol in place to welcome and establish long lasting relationships with these limo service clients . What these limo companies forget besides referrals and repeat business is that it’s almost 5 times less expensive to work with your existing base than to dump money into marketing to find new ones .

Key: limo service and party bus companies should focus more on growing your existing client base. The best part is it’s simple for limousine services to get started . Make sure to as your transportation clients how you might have done a better job serving them . Most luxury transportation and shuttling services don’t want to hear the bad news but the good news is you can fix it if you hear it ! This will also open the door to better client limo relationships and with increased business you can even lower your prices and offer loyalty discounts ! OR EVEN BETTER YET LIMOUSINE SERVICE REFERRALS .

Limo service clients trust

Earning a Limo service clients trust is something that most limo companies unfortunately overlook . This is another big one that the San Diego transportation industry missed . Do your clients trust you? Not just do you have a limo website or a fancy phone number but do they trust your service . Sure they may trust you for a limo downtown or a party bus to Temecula but how bought for a wedding or special event like prom ? Or even bigger yet to they trust you enough to Refer you?

Key: Consumers of transportation rental are generally going to buy from a limo or bus company based on 3 things . Vehicle Selection , Trust & Price! Price is a major driving factor that catches a lot of clients but as we have said many times on this website DON’T ALWAY TAKE THE LOWEST PRICE , Value is a quality of price and quality . Many customers will ask for guarantees such as can you promise satisfaction . Most companies will say yes but when it comes down to it they won’t give back a single penny even when they make a huge mistake .

Hopefully this will be helpful to consumers and limo service companies . Avoiding San Diego Limo Service Mistakes should be a top priority for all of us in regards to San Diego transportation .


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san diego limo service improvements

San Diego Limo Service Improvements

San Diego Limo Service improvements

At Averylimobroker we are always finding ways to improve our service .
At a time where competition is at an all time high more TCP numbers are being given out to San Diego limo services and party bus companies than ever . The great news is not only does this give us more companies to work with to get you the best rates in town but 1 of those TCP numbers happens to be ours . Thats right AveryLimoBroker has purchased it’s first limousine and party bus .San Diego Limo Service Improvements

San Diego Limo Service

The San Diego Limo Service we provide now will be available with AveryLimoBroker vehicles and the first to hit the road will be our new Caddiliac Deville 2003 12-14 passenger limo a beautiful Pearl white addition to our fledgling fleet . To celebrate we will be offering discount San Diego Limo Service coupons on limo and party bus services in San Diego . Our rates not only will be even lower but we will finally have more control over the service department . AveryLimoBroker cannot force companies utilize good business practiceswith their San Diego Limo Service but we can certainly live up to our own standards which we have felt have been higher than most any transportation company to date in San Diego . Many times we have wanted to reach out and door more for our clients where we saw fit but were unable to because of the limousine companies themselves . This new pearl will be a fresh breath of air to a sometimes stale industry and we look forward to sharing that with you .

San Diego Party Bus Rental

San Diego Party Bus Rental will also be on the menu coming soon !
Our first party bus will feature
A true 28 passenger San Diego Party Bus Rental and not one of the small buses with the E350 bus and trailer looks . This San Diego will be an actual metro bus thats has been converted to a beautiful limousine interior with the capacity that only a bus could bring . Many times in the past we are stuck between offering lower prices or higher quality service when offering San Diego Party Bus Rental. Now we can have both in the same package without sacrificing one or the other . Our San Diego Party Bus Rental with a limo bus design will be available 24/7 to all of San Diego an outlying areas in just a few weeks . We look forward to providing this service and we realize how much more work this will mean for us, however we hope that it will be the beginning of many more vehicles to come . We still will offer brokering services as we book far more than 1 limo and one bus can handle .

Discount limo service

Discount limo service just got even more discounted ! While increasing service quality
Thank you all for making this dream come true our San Diego limo service and party bus rental clients have made this happen we could not have done it without you .
Discount limo service and discount party bus rentals will be available soon check back with us for limo coupons in san diego and party bus coupons in San Diego shortly .


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san diego party bus

San Diego Party Bus

San Diego Party Bus

When you need transportation in a San Diego party bus this is actually a lot to of different events one could plan with your family and friends. Locating a discount rate on a wedding party bus you will be able to provide transportation to any wedding venue throughout San Diego County or even Temecula . Find a discount party bus rental in San Diego for a night in the downtown gaslamp , pacific beach or maybe somewhere in carlsbad , del mar or north county . The driver is your designated driver for the evening anywhere you want to go . We will help you with all your plans as you check out a sporting event in San Diego whether you are a fan of the Lakers , baseball, or even football. A limo bus in San Diego can provide you with tailgating before the start of the game. Give us a call – text – email or even chat with us online on facebook and soon on this website . Call in and talk with one of our customer service representative to get you set up with a vehicle that will provide you with the type of rate , model , capacity and service you are looking for . You can have a care free , safe enjoyable time with your friends anywhere throughout the city. Make the memories that only your family will remember with a luxury San Diego California party bus rental .

San Diego Party buses are not all created equal

Party Buses Rentals San Diego

One great things about San Diego is being able to have a wedding venue available practically anywhere and any time of the year . Many of the locations that you find are always available and may have not thought about is Temecula , it is more than just a wine tasting destination it also provides an exciting and beautiful experience. You can even make your way to Hotel Del Coronado or any of our famous beaches . If you are looking to check out the San Diego Padres Play baseball you will play against one of their rivals in the PetCo Park Stadium . If you are a big Charger football fan you will definitely enjoy tailgating at Qualcom during the regular season. You can go and check out the San Diego Chargers and San Diego SDSU Aztecs as they play their home games in this field.
Make it a great sports outing with the guys with a party bus in San Diego California taking you there for the game. You can have a good time traveling to any of these games and even turn on our television located inside almost all of our luxury limo bus rentals. It is about having a good time and being able to celebrate in style when you reserve one of our many different San Diego party bus rentals. Check out our discount party bus rental rates.

San Diego party bus discounts are always available event during prom

Limo Buses San Diego Ca

It could be for your wedding or just looking to have a good time checking out your favorite team. You will find that our drivers are safe on the road and we are very popular when it comes to the senior dance. Our prom party bus rentals in San Diego will make your child happy and parents without a worry and save your pocket book. Our party bus company makes sure that you have the vehicle you need for tonight no matter the time we except last minute rentals and frequently bail out other party bus companies in the industry on their emergency runs. Rent a party bus in San Diego within seconds once you select the one that best fits your transportation needs and talk to our brokers to get good advice . It is all about having fun budget you can be happy about at a when traveling in a San Diego transfer service and enjoying all of the available amenities in any of our vehicles. You will never feel as if you made the wrong decision when we pull up to your front door and you step foot inside our San Diego shuttle bus for the first time.

San Diego Party Bus rentals are always available even last minute


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please email text or call use quickquote if you want faster response.

San Diego Limo Service FAQ

San Diego Limo Service FAQ

San Diego limo service FAQ

San Diego Limo Service FAQ

San Diego Limo Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions ( san diego limo service FAQ )


There are many questions that need to be answered when you are looking for a limousine. Sometimes those questions are overlooked when reserving the limousine or pop-up after the initial contact. Feel free to call to get those questions answered! We are here for you for you San Diego limousine rental and want you to feel comfortable about your reservation

Contact Us At:
619-204-3745 or (619) 21-limo4 to reserve your date.

Here are some popular questions and answers we have provided for you about all your limo and party bus services in San Diego
san diego limo service FAQ

What types of limousines do you have available?

Bus Sizes: 1-15 person / 20 person / 25 person / 30 person / 35 person / 40-57+ person party busses
Limo Sizes: 1-4 person / 6 person / 10-12 person / 20-24 person limos

What color are the limousines and/or party busses?

Avery Limo Broker has access to vehicles of all shapes, sizes, level of quality and design, and colors. Some party busses cost more than other, but we have various styles of party busses for your San Diego limo bus needs!

What are your hours of operation?

Limousines are available on a scheduled basis and run when reserved. Limousines are available 24/7 for transportation in San Diego County.

Is there a minimum rental?
No! We are the only limousine rental company in the area that will allow you the freedom to rent a limousine for only one hour. Most competitor rates require a minimum hourly booking.

How far in advance are reservations required?
In general, we prefer at least one week in advance for guaranteed booking for the time you desire. Booking a limo for Wedding dates should be reserved when all other times are already set up so get the vehicle and the time that you need. Wedding dates falling in April and May should especially be reserved early as these are popular Prom transportation months.

Do you provide multiple pick up and drop offs?
Yes! We will split the times between pick up and drop offs. This works well for our brides and grooms who want transportation following the reception to their hotel. Please ask about our split run rates when reserving your limousine transportation.

Can the vehicle be seen before we reserve?

Yes. All of the vehicles are available on-line to view photos of the limo or party bus that you choose to reserve. If you would like to schedule an appointment to view the vehicle in person, please call us to set up a time that works for you.

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

Depends on date, pickup location, pickup time, destination, number of people, and whether it’s transfers or hourly. Transfers mean that the limo or party bus you reserve will be a pickup and drop off. Hourly jobs are those that intend to be utilized for the entirety of the reservation or request that the vehicle is accessible the entire time between pickups and returns.

How do I pay for the limousine?

We gladly accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Discover, check cards, personal checks, money orders, and cash. Cash sales sometimes require a deposit; personal check payments should be made 2 weeks prior to service. Credit cards are charged the day of service.

What is included in the price?

Deposit , fuel, chauffeur, and vehicles are supplied in the cost of the limousine or party bus you choose to reserve. All charges are billed together making it easier to take care of.

How do I reserve a limousine?

You can reserve a limousine simply by calling Today at 619.21limo4 (619) 215-4664 by e-mailing a request to . Once we have all of the information for your requested date, we will sent you a contract. A credit card is required to hold the reservation. Deposits are sometimes required to hold your date for cash sales.

What is a deposit?
Deposits are non-refundable, unless otherwise previously agreed upon. On a case-to-case basis, we allow the deposit to be transferred to another booking if you need to cancel your reservation. We reserve the right to not refund any cancellations. However we strive to take care of our customers, and will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any questions about the deposit before you booking, feel free to call us.

Can you drink in the limousine?

Passengers of legal drinking age can drink in the limousine. Bring whatever you like to drink! Avery Limo Brokerage’s associates and chauffeurs are not allowed by law to provide alcohol on board so remember to bring all that you will need. Under-age drinkers will not be tolerated! Companies who provide alcohol with their service are required to have a Class A liquor license, otherwise it is illegal to sell or provide alcohol.

Can you smoke in the limousine?

For the care and consideration of all our customers, our limousines are a smoke-free environment. For your personal convenience, your chauffeur will stop whenever you want for a quick break.

Do chauffeurs require a special license?

Chauffeurs are required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) if the vehicle seats 16 or more passengers, including the driver. Drive who drive the Limo Buses have CDL with passenger endorsements. Vehicles seating 14 or less passengers do not require the special license but ALL drivers must have a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

What is the cancellation policy?

We try to work with our clients as much as possible, and on a case-to-case basis the deposit can be transferred to another reservation. The deposit as previously stated is non-refundable due to the fact that we are turning away other business and reservations. Once in the limousine, the driver has the right to terminate the rental due to unsafe driving condition such as extreme weather. Smoking in the limousines will immediately terminate the reservation. Unruly or disrespectful passengers with be dropped off at the sole discretion of the driver without a refund.


Avery Limo Broker functions as a brokerage service. Our services for transportation are with an agreement through various limo companies in San Diego county.

Upon confirmation of reservation we provide the following information:

vehicle size and type
cost of deposit that our client agrees to pay
contact information of the limo/transportation company that will be providing the service

We always tell our clients to contact the company before the date of their reservation to double confirm all of this information. Contracts and responsibilities of transportation are solely through the transportation company and the client. This means that the transportation companies themselves are responsible for the representation , quality of service and conditions of their vehicles . Deposits are non-refundable, although we do reserve the right to allow a transfer of a deposit for a future booking.

san diego limo service FAQ

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san diego limo service FAQ

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