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San Diego limo and party Party bus rental services Transportation FAQ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions ( San Diego limo and party Party bus rental services Transportation FAQ )


Avery Limo broker operates as a brokerage we do not own any transportation vehicles. We contract through authorized licensed insured companies we instruct you to ask for TCP numbers, insurance, workman’s comp and proper documentation.

There are many questions that need to be answered when you are looking for a Limousine Rental. Sometime(s)s those questions are overlooked when reserving the Limousine Rental or pop-up after the initial contact. Feel free to call to get those questions answered! We are here for you for you San Diego Limousine Rental rental and want you to feel comfortable about your reservation

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204-3745 or (619) 21-limo4 to Reserve/Secure your Date(s).

Here are some popular questions and answers we have provided for you about all your limo and party Party bus services in San Diego
San Diego limo and party Party bus rental services Transportation FAQ

What types of Limousine Rentals do you have available?

Party bus Sizes: 1-15 passenger / 20 passenger / 25 passenger / 30 passenger / 35 passenger / 40-57+ passenger party Party buses
Limo Sizes: 1-4 passenger / 6 passenger / 10-12 passenger / 20-24 passenger Limousine Rentals

What color are the Limousine Rentals and/or party Party buses?

Avery Limo Broker has access to vehicles of all shapes, sizes, level of quality and design, and colors. Some party Party buses cost more than other, but we have various styles of party Party buses for your San Diego limo Party bus needs!

What are your hours of operation?

Limousine Rentals are available on a scheduled basis and run when Reserve/Secure d. Limousine Rentals are available 24/7 for transportation in San Diego County.

Is there a minimum rental?

No! We are the only Limousine Rental rental company in the area that will allow you the freedom to rent a Limousine Rental for only one hour. Most competitor rates require a minimum hourly booking.

How far in advance are reservations required?

In general, we prefer at least one week in advance for guaranteed booking for the time(s) you desire. Booking a limo for Wedding Date(s)s should be Reserve/Secure d when all other time(s)s are already set up so get the vehicle and the time(s) that you need. Wedding Date(s)s falling in April and May should especially be Reserve/Secure d early as these are popular Prom transportation months.

Do you provide multiple pick up and drop offs?

Yes! We will split the time(s)s between pick up and drop offs. This works well for our brides and grooms who want transportation following the reception to their hotel. Please ask about our split run rates when reserving your Limousine Rental transportation.

Can the vehicle be seen before we Reserve/Secure ?

Yes. All of the vehicles are available on-line to view photos of the limo or party Party bus that you choose to Reserve/Secure . If you would like to schedule an appointment to view the vehicle in passenger, please call us to set up a time(s) that works for you.

How much does it cost to rent a Limousine Rental?

Depends on Date(s), pickup location, pickup time(s)(s), destination, number of people, and whether it’s transfers or hourly. Transfers mean that the limo or party Party bus you Reserve/Secure will be a pickup and drop off. Hourly jobs are those that intend to be utilized for the entirety of the reservation or request that the vehicle is accessible the entire time(s) between pickups and returns.

How do I pay for the Limousine Rental?

We gladly accept all forms of payment Cash sales sometime(s)s require a Reservation Deposit; passenger check payments should be made 2 weeks prior to service. Credit cards are charged the day of service.

What is included in the price?

Reservation Deposit, fuel, chauffeur, and vehicles are supplied in the cost of the Limousine Rental or party Party bus you choose to Reserve/Secure. All charges are billed together making it easier to take care of.

How do I Reserve/Secure a Limousine Rental?

Call or fill our a quick quote.
information for your requested Date(s), we will send you a contract. A credit card is required to hold the reservation. Reservation Deposits are sometime(s)s required to hold your Date(s) for cash sales.

What is a Reservation Deposit?

Reservation Deposits are not refundable, unless otherwise previously agreed upon. On a case-to-case basis, we allow the Reservation Deposit to be transferred to another booking if you need to cancel your reservation. We Reserve/Secure the right to not refund any cancellations. However we strive to take care of our customers, and will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any questions about the Reservation Deposit before you booking, feel free to call us.

Can you drink in the Limousine Rental?

Passengers of legal drinking age can drink in the Limousine Rental. Bring whatever you like to drink! Avery Limo Brokerage’s associates and chauffeurs are not allowed by law to provide alcohol on board so remember to bring all that you will need. Under-age drinkers will not be tolerated! Companies who provide alcohol with their service are required to have a Class A liquor license, otherwise it is illegal to sell or provide alcohol.

Can you smoke in the Limousine Rental?

For the care and consideration of all our customers, our Limousine Rentals are a smoke-free environment. For your passenger convenience, your chauffeur will stop whenever you want for a quick break.

Do chauffeurs require a special license?

Chauffeurs are required to have a commercial driver license (CDL) if the vehicle seats 16 or more passengers, including the driver. Drive who drive the Limo Party buses have CDL with passenger endorsements. Vehicles seating 14 or less passengers do not require the special license but ALL drivers must have a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

What is the cancellation policy?

We try to work with our clients as much as possible, and on a case-to-case basis the Reservation Deposit can be transferred to another reservation. The Reservation Deposit as previously stated is not refundable due to the fact that we are turning away other Party business and reservations. Once in the Limousine Rental, the driver has the right to cancel the rental due to unsafe driving condition such as extreme weather. Smoking in the Limousine Rentals will immediately cancel the reservation. Unruly or disrespectful passengers with be dropped off at the sole discretion of the driver without a refund.



  • Disclaimer Avery Limo Broker functions as a brokerage service. Our services for transportation are with an agreement through various limo companies and establishments in San Diego and surrounds county. Upon confirmation of reservation we provide the following information: vehicle size and type Photos if requested cost of Reservation Deposit that our client agrees to pay contact information of the limo/transportation company that will be providing the service. We always tell our clients to contact the company before the Date(s) of their reservation to double confirm all of this information. Contracts and responsibilities of transportation are solely through the transportation company and the client. This means that the transportation companies themselves are responsible for the representation , quality of service and conditions of their vehicles .This is also true for the establishments clubs , venues , etc . Clubs / Venues have the right to refuse entry , service at anytime(s) and Avery Limo Broker cannot guarantee their compliance. Reservation Deposits are not refundable, although we do Reserve/Secure the right to allow a transfer of a Reservation Deposit for a future bookings. By clicking the check box the client agrees to receive contact from Avery Limo Broker and acknowledges they have agreed to and read these terms.


san diego limo and party Party bus rental services Transportation FAQ

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san diego limo and party Party bus rental services Transportation FAQ FAQ

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