San Diego limo Rates

San Diego limo Rates

Below you will find the san diego limo rates for different vehicles and services in and around southern califonria san diego county.


let us know which range of pricing and vehicles fit best what your looking for. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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General information

We work with over 50 companies in San Diego and surrounding counties; because of this we have literally hundreds of options to choose from. This means multiples of every type of vehicle, because the vehicles are from different companies and highly customized the same vehicle such as a H2 hummer limo may range from the lowest end to the highest end of the rates. We will show you multiples of each so you can make the choice as to which fits your style, budget and occasion.

Below is our general rate sheet for various sizes, colors. configurations and vehicle types. The Rates windows are accurate estimates of a variety of vehicles and capacities. Please let us know which vehicle capacities and model(s) you are looking for so we can send you pictures.

We can have pictures and exact Rates of multiple vehicles over to you in minutes just let us know which your interested in. You can even go out and see them in person.

Thank you, call / text / email us at anytime we are open 24/7 you can also chat with us on the website.

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3 step booking process

1.) Request for transportation (filling out the request for transportation receiving rates, pictures, answer questions, inspecting the vehicle is you wish)

2.) Booking, ( AveryLimoBroker sends all parties ( A.) AveryLimobroker, B.) Client C.) Transportation Company) reservation, Itinerary, billing, and contact information

3.) Client calls / emails/ texts to double confirm all information with transportation company to ensure everyone is on the same page ending in a deposit which is usually 10-20 percent of the transportation.

The remainder of the balance can be done with the transportation with CC before hand or via Paper on arrival.

San Diego limo Rates types:

Round Trip: San Diego limo Rates generally a pickup from one point with transportation to a destination and then a return to a point doesn’t have to be the same as pickup location.

Hourly: Typically when a client needs multiple destinations, continual service, IE wine tours, Brewery tours,

One Way Rates: one pickup and drop off point to point.

Hybrid Rates: sometimes available for split shifts. A hourly rate mixed with transfer rates or even down time between hourly these work well for weddings that may need windows of service which large down times in the middle.

NOTE: these are general Rate guidelines and we do the most to be flexible to don’t hesitate to ask for our advice on how to design your transportation needs.

The following San Diego limo Rates are just estimates prices change constantly.

4 person sedan

( includes Lincolns, Mercedes, Hybrids etc)
Hourly 49-69
Round trip 99-139
One Way 59-79

6 person suv

( includes Escalades, Yukon’s, Excursions, Explorers etc)
Hourly 59-75
Round trip 159-219
One Way 65-89

6 passenger limo

(includes Lincolns, Chrysler 300s, Escalades etc)
Hourly 59-75
Round trip 219-275
One Way 99-149

10 person limo

(includes Lincolns, Chrysler 300s, Escalades etc)
Hourly 69-85 an hour
Round Trip 239-299
One Way 115-199

12 passenger limo

(includes Lincolns, Chrysler 300s, Escalades etc)
Hourly 75-99
One Way 149-215
Round 279-339

12-15 Passenger Sprinter Vans

(Mercedes, dodge, ford)
Hourly 75-129
One Way 99-199
Round trip 249-399

16-20 passenger suv limo

(Includes H2 hummer, Excursion, Escalade, Navs etc)
Hourly 125-169
One Way 189-299
Round trip 379-549

20-28 person limo bus

(party bus range greatly they are highly customized thus Rates ranges greatly)
Hourly 99-175
One Way 175-299
Round trip 375-699

40 Passenger Hummer Limo

Hourly Call for pricing
One Way Call for pricing
Round trip Call for pricing

50 passenger bus

(party bus range greatly they are highly customized thus Rates ranges greatly)
Hourly 125-199
One Way 199-375
Round trip 449-799

Charter buses are available in 14, 24 , 31 and 57 passengers

(Charter buses range greatly they are highly customized thus Rates ranges greatly)

Hourly 99-199
One Way 149-375
Round trip 375-799
antique vehicles,

(Rolls Royce, Antiques , Exotics Etc)

Rates Call for pricing

Estimates on rolls

Hourly 89-129
One Way 175-249
Round trip 349-449

PLEASE let us know if you have any questions

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Title: CEO/Owner, Avery Limo Broker

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