San Diego Limo broker prom do’s and don’ts

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San Diego Limo broker prom

San Diego Limo broker prom do’s and don’ts
The following are short list of some friendly limo broker advice to consider when booking transportation for proms , homecomings , formals and balls . There are many limo and bus companies in San Diego that will be more than happy top cram you into a “luxury vehicle” for short term goals like $ . Having overseen many of prom , wedding and dance seasons we do not want to have unhappy clients it’s not worth the $
Do not take the first limo or bus transportation company you find !
Check out that company and get to know the owner
inspect the vehicle and take pictures !

more San Diego Limo broker prom do’s and don’ts
Get things in writing especially the schedule , payment information and contact info
Check in with your limo provider
Don’t always take the cheapest option!
Anticipate the unexpected delays and possible mishaps
Leave enough time and have backup plans in the case something goes wrong
Charger your mobile device and make sure to monitor it every once in a while when your not in the vehicle
Have your party ready ahead of time
Save money where you can IE you don’t need 3 TV screens if your only going 10 miles down the road !
Take our opinions seriously we have been booking limos , buses and transportation for a long time we know the companies , the city and the potential list of things to consider as well as be aware of .

San Diego Limo broker prom do’s and don’ts

1. Do set a budget ! with the cost of clothes, hair , tanning , shoes , make up , tuxes , ties , dinner , tickets and everything else the last thing you want is more money spent we understand that and aim to keep things affordable ! Many limo and bus companies gouge on pricing for special events like prom , winter formal , sadie hawking , home comings and balls . AveryLimoBroker proudly has saved people literally between 30-80% on their transportation needs and even can procure discounts on Photography , videography , tux and dress rentals , dining , hair and beauty just name it we got it call us and discuss it !

2. Do use a prom check list ! Being organized and prepared will reduce stress and worry! Believe us we know ! You will able to enjoy everything about prom, home coming , winter formal , ball etc and your kids will too !
3. Do communicate with your friends ! it helps cut down on last minute mishaps and misleading assumptions like finance ! We are very flexible with billing !
Do communicate parents before hand to make sure there are no surprises for either of you on prom night. Our limo brokers put you in direct contact with the owners and drivers of the venues , limo services and transportation companies we work with to give you almost full coverage as to where your precious bundles are located .
Do make sure you have plenty of rest the night before prom.
Don’t go to prom with people you are not friendly with . Choose your group wisely so you feel comfortable and will have a good time.
7. Do be prepared for emergencies. Take extra money along, take a camera with you to capture pictures, bring your cell phone and take care of your belongings. You might want to include an emergency repair kit for anything that may come apart.
8. Do enjoy the dance. Don’t just show up, take pictures and then leave. memories last a lifetime!
Don’t expect prom to be anything other than it is, a night with friends. You will probably hang out with the same people and talk about the same things.
10. Don’t do anything you will regret later! Don’t use prom night as a reason to do something you know is against your values !


San Diego Limo broker prom do’s and don’ts

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