Limo Rental Services Cost


Limo Rental Services Cost

the sotry on Limo Rental Services Cost. The average limousine rental services costs can vary based on a variety of factors in San Diego . The Limo rental service industry is much like the airline industry . Limo rental services companies charge based upon the following factors in the San Diego Market .
Time of year (spring, summer, etc. for most limo services)
Special dates ( xmas , NYE , 4th of july etc for most limo services)

  • Day of the week (weekends cost more, weekdays less for most limo services) Size of the vehicle (larger vehicles cost more for most limo services)


  • Vehicle Model ( some vehicles are considered exotic or higher values IE ferrari limo)


  • Additional perks ( glass wear , snacks , beverages , ice , cups , decorations etc for most limo rental services )


  • Supply / Demand ( how many limos or buses have been booked already for that date for most limo services)


  • Destination Venue related ( some venues pay referral compensation for clients hence subsiding the price of the vehicle for some limo services)


  • Number of passengers ( more passengers generally allows the company to charge more for most limo services )


  • Pickup Location (s) ( multiple pickup locations can cost more for most limo services )


  • Destinations (s)( more destinations can cost more for most limo services)


  • Travel distance (Longer travel times may be more expensive for most limo services)


  • Duration ( length of time can cost more for hourly limo service )


  • Occasion ( wedding vs airport service for most limo services) Limo Rental Services Cost.


  • Hourly / Transfer / Hybrid rates .
  • Most companies charge hourly but with our limo service we provide limo service transfers and hybrid rates(Part hourly party transfer) .
    Hourly dictates that the client has the limo on call for the entire duration of the scheduled service , transfers are relatable to a scheduled taxi cab with a pickup drop off and then a return pick up and drop off no hourly charge is needed just per pickup and drop off . Finally Hybrids which are not as commonly excepted by limo companies but does work out this rate for many clients monthly . The example would be using the limo for 3 hours in the early afternoon and then having a return scheduled 2-5 hours later on a transfer rate .
    Good for weddings , brewery tours, proms etc

Limo Rental Service Rates Averages

(based on a 3 hour rental)
These are a list of Limo Rental Service Rates Averages. They are not what can be expected as mentioned before provides discount limo service rates and this is just to give our clients some idea as to what you can expect at full market prices .

  • Luxury sedan (1-4 passengers) $45-$65/ hr + gratuity Stretch limousine (1-8 passengers) $65-$125/ hr + gratuity Stretch SUV (1-14 passengers – Excursions, Hummers, etc.) $100-$300/ hr + gratuity


  • Mini buses / Limo Coaches / PartyBuses (22 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity


  • Limo buses / Limo Coaches / Party Buses (25-30 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity
  • Limo Buses/ Party Buses (30-50 passengers and up) $60-$200/ hr + gratuity
  • With not tip or tax is unless specified and these rates would be on the high end of the spectrum . Limo Rental Services Cost.


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